Flash Atkins – Death By Misadventure

Flash Atkins was last seen staggering up to Gaddins Dam in Calderdal a number of weeks ago. The police are conducting enquiries, if he had any friends or family they would be worried. In the meantime he left an EP of damn fine house music that we are releasing to help fund the search.
Pray for him.

Bill Brewster – Dark Night is the best track here. V good.

DJ Rocca – First track is a monster!

Fingerman – Flash Atkins – Phat! Dark Night is ace!

Anthony Mansfield – There yah go!

Sean Johnston (ALFOS) – Lovely work as always!

Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco) – VERY GOOD All of them

James Rod – BIG SUPPORT!!!!

Nutritious – You can’t nap here.

Robot 84 – Killer Jamm ‘dark night of the soul’ can’t wait to play it out, sounds so good…

Pathaan – Superb release ! Expect nothing less…

Daco – Rhea EP

Paper favourite, Captain Daco has been busy in his Spanish tax haven twiddling knobs and busting beats and what twiddles and beats they are!

The Uprise is another take on the arp of I Feel Love but it’s never been done so well. The familiar bass provides the backbone before it comes in at a gallop of swirling synths, rock solid kick and a call for nothing less than revolution. It’s been crushing Paper dancefloors and always achieves total mayhem.

The Galáctica Mix has all the same ingredients but takes a deeper disco route with drops and an arrangement that keeps the floor chomping at the bit.

Faith takes a different direction and it’s super deep house that is trippy and soulful in equal measures. Mikey Raphael provides the vocal and it’s hairs on the back of your neck time.

Sean Johnston (ALFOS) – “Most satisfactory!”

Fingerman – “Devastating”

Anthony Mansfield – “There yah go! Proper head twisting disco glory!”

Pablo Contraband – “Love this will play Galactica mix”

Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco) – “Yes great very Moroder”

Tronik Youth – “Nice re-interpretation”

James Rod – “Cream”

Pammin – “Very cool EP! Thanks”

Pathaan – “Superb ! Love the Donner Summer vibes…”

Aldrin Zouk – “The Uprise should be handy for my Disco/House sets.

Nutritious – “This is some damn fine disco.”

Benoit C – “Cooooooool EP”

Jerry Bouthier – “The I Feel Love re-rub works in both versions thx supportin”

Robot 84 – “Lovin the disco vibes, cool tune!!!”

Sunday Papers – Volume 3

It’s time for the Sunday Paper compilation, featuring some of the more horizontal and forgotten corners of the catalogue.  There are two exclusives with Bergen’s Keyboy making a return to the label and the wondrous GladLaks i Galaxen plus Leftside Wobbles’s unreleased space dub of Leon Sweet’s Sunny Bigler. Add in artists new and old like Jamie L, Crazy P, Maxx Mortimer, Steve Cobby, Flash Atkins, De Fantastiske To, Kahuun plus many more and it’s sunshine all the way.

So crack a tinny / roll a fat one / stick the kettle on / crank the BBQ and dive in.

Soundersons – Can’t Get Enough inc. DJ Spinna Remix

Paper Recording are back on vinyl with a fantastic debut 12” from Italian duo Soundersons, from the underground house scene of Bologna.

Can’t Get Enough is a deep electro-funk slice of nu disco with Diana G on vocals. It’s got 80s synths and squelches, vocal hooks a plenty, clonking percussion, Rhodes and that Metro Area / Tom Tom Club vibe. Parts I and II are split in to vocal and instrumental over one side of continuous play for maximum dance floor action.

On the flip, the mighty DJ Spinna brings his A game with a deep NYC take that is house music at it’s best. He uses synths, arps and the vocal to build the mix to hit it’s peak at the end.

Finally Education finished things off with a raw disco cut up that hits the floor running and keeps going full pelt. One for the dancers.

Alexander Barck (Jazzanova) – Will play this for sure.

Mark Farina – Dig it!

Tensnake – Education is funky.

Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco) – DOPE DOPE!

Bottin – Super! Reminds me of some of my favourite music

Munk – Very cool. love the vibe in the original and Spinna can’t fail anyway!

Jimpster – Lovely vibe on the original. Like this a lot.

Herbert – Yes sounding great…

Neil Diablo – Good ep! can’t get enough is my pick of the bunch

Belabouche – Cant’t Get Enough is superb.

Stuart Knight – Loving Education.

Nutritious – Nicely done! Spinna mix is crisp!

De Fantastiske To – So good.

Somerville & Wilson – Loving the groovy spacey vibes of Education.

Fingerman – Great stuff.

Sleazy McQueen – Spinna is SICK. Classic Spinna house vibes, top shelf and amazing. I WILL be playing this.

James Rod – BIG SUPPORT!!!


2 Billion Beats – Remix EP feat. Leon Sweet, Richard Seaborne & Magnus International

Tom and Col have dusted off their high tops and asked the Paper Allstars to give their favourite album track a rub-down.

Richard Seaborne went for Papa and has kept some 80s flava while stripping things back to the raw groove as only he can. There’s a boogie house bass, a rock sold kick, shaky hats and GizMo adding some warped vocals. Oh, and did I mention the acid?

Leon Sweet returns to the fold and it’s good to have him back on Slow Down. Clipped tech-house drums and hypnotic synths burble along, all held down by a kick that carries some serious weight. Using the chiming and vocals from the original, the track builds to a crescendo that will melt dance floors.

Finally Norway’s finest, Magnus International goes breakbeat with a nod to the glory days of rave as he uses plenty of the original track to weave it’s weave it’s 5am magic.