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Soundersons Go Italo

We grew up in Bologna, one hour’s drive from Rimini which was the capital of dance music in the late 80s and 90s. The vibe was amazing; music, parties and fashion people from all over the world looking for inspiration. We didn’t know that other places weren’t the same, but we were on par with […]

Daco vs Quincy Jones – Free Download

The mighty Daco has taken Quincy Jones to the workshop and reworked him in to a smocking track of big band fire that has been mastered for you to have and to hold. Keep the peace, it’s getting rocky out there!  

Rachel Johns – Special Edition Stubb 12″

Rachel Johns’ describes how she created the artwork for the record sleeve: “Listening to the Stubb track I was inspired to draw the images for the record sleeve. My process is to draw with a stick & ink on textured paper to create a final drawing. The next part was a collaboration with Amy Mellis […]

The Wild Army Q & A

We asked the mercenaries and outlaws of The Wild Army a few questions. If you had to join an army, which one would it be? Mr. Tea – The Army of Dreamers (ask Kate Bush). Benjamin Eh (Ben Arnold) – The Salvation Army. Leca Lecara – Wild Army. Leon Sweet – Vinyl Rotator & Button Flicker – Rebel […]

The Egg Factory

  Ahead of Ben Davis’ Stubb 12″ we interviewed the people behind the artwork and design. Can you tell us what The Egg Factory is all about? The Egg Factory is a co-working space in an old egg packing plant in Hebden Bridge for creatives to create, learn and collaborate. We’ve got desks, screen printing […]

Paper Radio # 21

Ben Davis hosts the latest instalment of Paper Radio with some previously unheard golden oldies, a mix from Clandestino and forthcoming releases including tracks from Trash The Wax. So hop on board the Paper Rave Train. 1. Tumisang Pooe – I.R.S.A.N.S 2. Vainc – 2000300 3. Fever Few – Them Persians 4. Truant – Rifle […]

The Northern Disco Lights Road Trip to Svalbård

SEPTEMBER 1 After three years in the making, our film Northern Disco Lights covering the birth and rise of Norwegian dance music has been released, well received, competed at film festivals, won an award, been shown on TV and is now streaming on Red Bull TV. We have just had a big show at London’s Village […]